August travel to Tokyo

This week-end I will take a flight to Tokyo, for my work.
I’ll stay in:
It’s all in Japanese and I guess it might be quite some fun as I don’t speak a word of Japenese (beside aligato and muchi-muchi). It’s shameful I never get time to learn Japanese when I travel so frequently to Japan. I’m also awfully slow and unskilled at any language learning actually. I’m still amazed I finally could get myself be rather fluent in English.
Where I could locate my arrival airport, my hotel and most of my meeting places. I expect to meet a Microsoft engineer in Shinjuku. Then I’ll have meetings in Hamamatsucho, Yokohama and Meguro (not far from Shinagawa I believe). Hopefully I’ll get time to stop by Nero KK, the Japanese subsidiary of my company ( ).
The Shinagawa area is already familiar to me. I’ve uploaded a bunch of photo I took during my previous travel to the Tokyo photo album of my msn space.
Friday finally I should flight back to Frankfurt.
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