About the photos

Most of the photos posted here were taken with a Canon PowerShot G6 (lucky bastard I am, yes). For the first few months, I didn’t even knew how to use the white balance and took all shots in the full automated mode (sure you still don’t hate me?), which does not give very good results for the colors. Now I’ve learned how to use this minimum, so it should a bit better.
As you will see I’m moving quite a bit lately, but mostly to USA and Japan. I do not take lot of photos in US. Oh, and I really don’t like taking Japanese-like picture of me in front of whatever known place to say "look! I’m here!". Duh, it’s the place which is nice, not me. Look at the place, you fool. :p
Also, I’ve eliminate all shots with potential confidential information, so not shots from meetings ;-), and eliminated all shots where someone is the subject. Maybe later I’ll ask one or another permission and publish the people-shot too.
Alright, time to stop chatting. I’m tired and keep doing typos. Tomorrow 4:30 PM, begining of a long trip.
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