Tools, software, etc.

Thinking about tools and software I use I thought I could get something for a post. Probably one that I write partially, then update several times.
Everyday, I use:
outlook: frequently contested, it still has a nice set of feature and no serious security holes. (C’mon kid, I’m capable of not openning viruses send as attachement!)
google: undiscussably, ‘THE’ search engine for the web need the meaning of a word? find it!
Crazy Browser: nice web browser based on IE and with tabs, not too much fuss. Unfortunately a few websites do not work well, maybe due to the integrated pop-up blocker. My bank website for instance. Maybe msn space too – not sure yet if it is msn space itself or msn space with crazy browser. Any, there still room for improvement here.
Windows XP: hey afterall, the OS is a tool and a software, no?
Acrobat Reader: There’s so many documentation only in pdf these days
Frequently I use: – there’s no better reference for development on windows
visual studio 6 – hopefully soon switching to .NET 2003
msn messenger – yahoo messneger – I hate to have to use both, and couldn’t find any tool not only regrouping them but also supporting the webcam streaming format of each.
Hum, sounds like there is a japanese boarding going on and that I have to go offline.
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