Back in Germany, and France

I landed a few hours ago in Frankfurt directly from Narita. I was lucky and neither my train nor my flight in Japan were blocked by the Typhoon. The flight left Narita about an hour late, but that was all.
I sat by a quite nice Germano-Japanese girl, unfortunately not very talkative – unlike her mother. Maybe the presence of her mother made her shy. :-p
In the train from Frankfurt to Karlsruhe, I reversed the coffee of a lady in the bar-restorant coach after a serious bump from the train. Luckily for me, she was more upset at the train than at me. Later I noticed half of the coffee went on my luggage, but the plastic protection well protected the content.
Once in Karlsruhe I took my car to drive to Strasbourg, in France. I slept a lot in the airplane and had no problem to drive.
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