Airsoft game

Yesterday afternoon and evening, I went with two other friends to an airsoft game. We drove about an hour and an half from Strasbourg to a military entrainment zone which the softair association has a permit to use. Although I do not have a gun, and my gear were left in Germany, I got jacket, protection glasses, jellabah, and overall, a fa-mass imitation sending little plastic bullets. We have only about 4 rounds in the day, as unfortunately there were long delays between each. And actually my friends and myself spent all rounds running, while the others were defending, which lead me to be pretty exhausted at the end.
Updated: I uploaded 3 pictures of this game in the newly added airsoft album. They look way more serious than we actually were.
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2 Responses to Airsoft game

  1. Luc says:

    Bien comme dis dans le profil: "Later…" ça c\’est en Français je crois :-)Promis la prochaine fois je ne te fais pas un Frendlyfire

  2. David says:

    Pas grave. Et puis tu avais raison sur le fait que les gens se decoupent vachement bien sur le fond lumineux de la ville.

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