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Microsoft’s b*

Today during a debriefing after a long meeting with another entity, Drew came to the conclusion that I’m now Microsoft’s b* (forbidden language from msn space). Conclusion which of course Udo liked a lot. Well, we’ll see, so far I … Continue reading

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FedEx shipment, mailbox full

Today I received the shipment notice from FedEx for the iRiver. It should arrive Wednesday next week. Several colleagues at Nero Inc are already looking forward to play with the device too. 😉   Also, Guillaume signaled me that in Germany … Continue reading

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New neighbors

I have new neighbors at Oakwood, unfortunately having several children, the noisy kind. Yesterday night they were still running, banging doors, kicking walls and shouting at 1:00 AM… And already up at 8:00 AM this morning.

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Uneducated IT Managers

A few weeks ago I have received from a friend the following link:   And feel the problem reported so true, so much matching my own experience and what I hear from skillful engineers of other computer science companies that I … Continue reading

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Argh, MS support of HD DVD, not BD???

I noticed the announcement of Microsoft’s support for HD DVD ( ). But I am wondering how far this support will go. I had the feeling that the technical superiority and wiser design of BD were perceived by all … Continue reading

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US Postal Money order

Yesterday evening I sent a US Postal Money order as the paypal payment was rejected. This will slow down the delivery of the iRiver PMP-120 but it should still be here fairly before I leave LA. The reseller lowered his price of … Continue reading

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Car changed to Ford Focus

This morning I could finally get a car change from the convertible to economy, a white Ford Focus actually. I was surprized car with almost all manual controls is still manufactured in US: manual glass, manual rear view mirrors, seat, … Continue reading

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