Specification preparation day

Today I completed my work on a multi-layer disc command set amendment proposal for my company, for the Mt Fuji and MMC meetings next week in Vancouver. I also review several specification proposals for another project, doing multiple correction and reporting several serious issues which need to be addressed before public submission. Also, I couldn’t get answer from a specification authority since last Wednesday, which might sound not that long, but prior to this silence they reacted within a few minutes to each of my e-mails. Something’s wrong.
Our Japanese subsidiary signaled me an important meeting in Tokyo on 27th – although I agreed our company needs to join it, I will not be able to do it myself as already booked for OSTA’s meetings in San Francisco at the same time. ( For more about OSTA, see http://www.osta.org )
I still don’t know if after the Vancouver meetings I will go to Glendale/LA or to Tokyo/Asia.
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