Big trip started

I wake up at 6:45 AM this morning to catch at 8:15 AM a train for Frankfurt. Not much noticable about the train, except that it was quite crowded. But once at the airport, although the Delta Airline people were friendly, they seem frankly disorganized. After making me way for the usual security interview (although shooting at each other they have someone for Cincinnati and felt it urgent), they couldn’t print me the boarding pass. So I had some fun at the first security counter which was wondering why I didn’t had it yet. But they let me through… To have fun at the passport control this time, wondering if I’m really the evil guy who one day lost his passport. YES, I do, 3 years ago, forgot my bag in a restaurant and made the *mistake* to declare it rather that waiting to go back at the restaurant to reclaim my stuff. Since, the passport was even already renewed with a new number… Unluckily on gate D11, a quite distant one in Frankfurt airport and there is no self-moving floor to bring you there unlike in most other modern airports, I also had a second security check (I wonder what this is useful for). Then the next Delta employee couldn’t find my security clearance signed sticker so I did the interview and second time. Then she did found the sticker so I finally didn’t got a double. Anyway, the plane was already about to complete the boarding so I had to rush in, no time to give a last (stupid "I’ taking off!") phone call, sending SMS or even e-mail if luckily a Wifi hot-spot is nearby. Hot air when boarding, then cold enough to get me wrap into a blanket. Some waiting before taxing, for no apparent reason. No personal entertainement on board of this Delta flight, and the selection for the main screen looked pretty poor american B-serie (probably B is a too generous rating). Lucky althought, the flight is only 2/3 booked and I got a seat alone in a row of 3 empty ones, so I may lye to sleep a bit. So I did, as I was pretty tired after leaving the office in Karlsbad shortly before midnight only yesterday, as my boss (and CEO) couldn’t deliver his green light for an last-possible-day document dispatch. And I didn’t had my luggage packed at this time… As I don’t exactly know when I will be flying back home, I stuffed quite a bunch of things in my big green luggage. Of course mostly clothes, but also sport shoes, an umbrella, noise-cancelling headphones, two books, black health-care bag, expandable tissue-bag in case I buy somewhere some stuff that doesn’t fit the luggage, maps of Seattle downtown and Tokyo train network, SafeWay member card, plus a backpack and a laptop case I take with me as cabin luggage. I certainly forget to mention half of the small but so useful items I packed. From Cincinatti I will immediately take a connecting flight for Seattle. Then there I plan to take the King Country metro public transport to go to my hotel, the Redmond Homestead Studio Suite hotel, in Bellevue at the edge with Redmond, just at the border of Microsoft’s main campus. Thursday and Friday I’ll have file system engineering meetings there. Then on Saturday I should take the Ferry to go to Vancouver for device command set meetings, 3 days starting next Monday. I expect to be pretty busy and stress at that time as I has no less than 3 admendment proposals for my company to defend and get choosen for the final official specification.

During the flight I read an article about video gamers aren’t weirdo, they’re tuff modern work competitors on the contrary, but it was so one sided that hardly trustable. Read another about Bush temporarily down due to his staff apparent failure after the tornado, but predicting that he will look like a saver in a few weeks, just like he did after 9/11. Well, hopefully I won’t read and heard middle-american bitching about France not honoring its due to the poor american soldiers who came to liberate France and ensure America’s domination over the world. If the soldiers were unlucky or courageous people, certainly aren’t and aren’t smart the complainers who already forget who’s being and still are with their country and UNO in Afghanistan for a clear humanitory objective, not a international bitching to take control over prime oil nation under loosy excuse of non-existing weapons of mass destruction. Some days I’m feeling there’s indeed one dictatorship disrespecting UNO, loaded with nuke and other ugly weapons, daily threathing world stability which deserved some action: USA!

I’ve prepared multiple e-mails for my work in the plane, to be send next time I get a connection.

Arriving at Cincinatti, a long waiting queue at the immigration. Not that it was disorganized, but too many people at once, apparently two or three large airplaines just arrived, our after the others, so even having the 8 counters open didn’t avoid to wait about an hour before getting through. Then, no Wifi hotspot at range, which surprized me. So, there is still one airport in USA without Wifi?!? No power plug either, and my battery was already half empty. Delta’s staff at the gate B24, before boarding us for Seattle announced that we rather get some food by ourselves at there will not be any on-board, expect for business class. (Nero isn’t paying for first, business, or anything beside economy, if you’re wondering). This is one of the so lovely flight where you have to pay (2$) just to get headphones for the cheap main screen movie. Well, I think it was 5$ not so long ago, and anyway, would I want to watch the movie I now grown wise enough to bring my own headphones with adaptator for the airplane ‘double’ plug.

I used the other half of my battery working on e-mails.

Man, I had a great day of complaining. 🙂 Now I can think positive again for a while!!!

Arrived in Seattle, and immediately found power plug and free wifi hotspot near the luggage claim, just perfect and time to post this message.
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