New appartment in Los Angeles for a month

As I will stay in LA for a month of collaboration with people from Nero’s US subsidiary, I have moved in an appartment with the kind help of Udo (the appartment I posted a link earlier). This new place is very nice, very calm, and way better than being in an hotel. Fully equiped, it is a nice place to be. I’ll be able to do my laundry and ironing, there is TV with DVD player, CD player, probably some cable TV although I’ll probably not use this last one much, broadband internet access through wifi, fridge, microwave oven, traditional oven, etc… I’ll need to use the wacum cleaner although, it is a bit dusty. I should get a small rental car on Tuesday also, already booked.
I’ve challenged a bit the Philips DVD player with a recorded DVD containing NightWish clips in various format, plus some surface damage. Half of them play well nevertheless, but some are laggy, others do not play at all and freeze the player. The player even freeze during folder exploration sometimes.
But the most annoying is not about the player actually, it is the lack of normalization of the sound level of the clips from different sources. This would be a nice feature, a video compilation tool which harmonize the sound level accross various video files without tuching the video encoding.
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