Reading newspapers

Reading the newspapers on Thursday on the plane to Los Angeles, I notice a few things worth reporting. First, I book my flight at NorthWest Airlines, and this company filed for bankruptcy the very same day I booked. I notice the Google found raising article, for the war vs yahoo and msn. The stupid story about this german pseudo-inventor waiting to use dead cats got reported also in the canadian newspaper – without that the reporter ask himself if there is scientific evidence that this all thing has the smallest sense. In article about UN summit, a stupid photo from Georg Bush writing to Condoleezza Rice "I think I may need a bathroom break? Is this possible […]" – What an idiot, but that’s nothing new to anybody that this guy is stupid. Looking how huge he write his note, I wonder if he didn’t do it intentionally. A google search point to many other who noticed it:
Well, looks like this meeting was so boring reporters had nothing to do but to look at the stupidest president of all doing as stupid jokes.
I noticed as well the article about Pentagon document pushing for nuke retaliation or even pre-emptive strikes against ‘terrorist’ state and organizations. This is getting so freaking ridiculous and horrible, at the same time. US citizen, time to revolt!
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