New weapon for soldier character on anarchy

After repeated tuning spreaded over short connections during the last weeks, I finally managed to get my lvl 24 soldier character un anarchy ( ) to get a highly higher lvl weapon than its own level (the assault rifle about lvl 40). I managed to boost stamina and agility up to the requirement for lvl 50 class implants, then with those implants boost my ranged weapon skill (two handed rifles – no pistol / no multi-ranged), to finally reach the assault rifle requirements (with an extra assaulft rifle nano buf).
Still, this is no so much tuning compared to one who would use the new buffings from the various expansion sets and use nano buffing from top-level friend. I know it is then possible to wear at the same level as my soldier weapons around lvl 60. And boosted weapon you get from team missions, or more exactly that a friend has to get from a team mission as you cannot yourself roll mission that high with your lvl 24 char.
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