Digital Hollywood

Last two days I was with multiple employee from Nero Inc at Digital Hollywood, an event in Santa Monica in an hotel just at the beach, with a lot of companies from film industry and CE equipment present. Udo was part of a panel from one of the discussion on Tuesday afternoon. He and Drew also introduced me to multiple new contacts, and we spoke of our recordable CSS project to several companies. I also got by myself new contact at British Telecom, IFTA (Independent Film & Television Alliance – ), and more.
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  1. David says:

    Btw, I attend one session where Jordan Greenhall CEO from DivX was part of the panel. The guy looked like a pretentious geek completely disconnected from the reality of the market. He fails to understand that a standard is not a (his) product, but an agreement of multiple entities. He fails to understand that interoperability is something happening between products from different companies, not limited to his product. He made me laugh when he said he expected the consumer to renew its TV as frequently as he renews its PC. Looks like he don\’t really know what costs a high-end TV today…

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