Stupid Canon / DiscDirect techsupport

Today, DiscDirect ( sent to my address in France a letter about my damaged Canon PowerShot camera, previously reported defective in:
The letter claims that the damage is due to a drop(!) although I am positive such drop did not occur, and actually the external cover of the camera is as new!! I’ve very upset at DiscDirect for not contacting me per e-mail or phone when they have both information, for sending a letter to France when I told them I will be in travel, and overall for not reparing the camera but actually asking me for reparation fee up to 350 Euro, plus shipping, which is totally ridiculous – more than half the price of the new camera – twice ridiculous as I insisted I don’t want it to be shipped to France…
Yes, my camera travelled a lot this year with me in cabin. I don’t considere this as an abnormal usage to take a camera with you during your travel to take picture. Would you?
The letter offers to destroy my camera for free (thanks!!!) or ask to pay a fee of 45 Euro plus shipping to return it. Sounds like a joke, a real bad one.
While I was highly satisfied by the co-worker prices I got at DiscDirect, the previous support I got for defective IBM harddisk (famous defective units due to bad manufacturing plant in Asia), the help for support on defective Epson AcuLaser 4000, I am surprized and disappointed by this lack of suport for an expensive Canon camera.
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