Uneducated IT Managers

A few weeks ago I have received from a friend the following link:
And feel the problem reported so true, so much matching my own experience and what I hear from skillful engineers of other computer science companies that I believe this is the disease which plagues the computer science industry (killing the quality products and giving such a bad reputation to anything related to PC). I am doubtful that the industry will outcome it, although maybe some companies will find out that they can outperform their competitors by associating better development manager to their existing strong sales team. It seems every CS company is repeating the scheme of failure to evolve from a start-up with no management to a middle sized company will an educated management. Ultimately the engineers from the initial start-up leave, and the development collaspes (not obviously the company itself as a good marketing hype will easily keep the company alive for a while).
Reading the answers to the original post, I found most of them unfortunately off-topic. It seems they don’t realize that the total lack of technical education, added to a lack of flexibility making them to fail to understand the feedback/reports from their teammembers, thus unable to properly perform their management work. Look at the frustation of the poster. How could it be / how could they argue that his manager is good if his team member is that frustrated?
I feel however that "the management" is either too scared or too prideful to admit: we don’t really need them is a wrong conclusion from despairately frustrated engineers ( visible on http://slashdot.org/articles/05/08/25/225201.shtml?tid=187&tid=215&tid=95 but a quite common idea in IT ). Yes, bad management as widely spread in IT is lowering the capacity of development department and, unfortunately, indeed the department would often perform better without them. However, "people actually work better with others than for others", I would add also that people work way better with others than alone and for this reason IT companies shouldn’t give up (yet) with management… no, team work, in their development departments.
As friendly to anarchist / original communist ideas myself, I am of course quite interested by the self-governing worker community idea.
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