Microsoft’s b*

Today during a debriefing after a long meeting with another entity, Drew came to the conclusion that I’m now Microsoft’s b* (forbidden language from msn space). Conclusion which of course Udo liked a lot. Well, we’ll see, so far I don’t have the feeling that I will be working in a ‘b*ing’ department of Microsoft.
I should browse the web for more info about Audi’s RS6, I really liked the sound of the car. Ah, gives quickly an overview of what this car is about. As I told Udo, that’s the kind of argument Nero needs to use to keep its developers. 😉 And business class too, but who would think of flying for business not in business?
The Audio car is not even that expensive, around 80k. But anyway, I think the point is that today I don’t feel compelling arguement to stay in Nero. Sure, it’s fun, it’s exciting work, but c’mmon, you share nothing and you expect me to smile? Yeah, sure, I’ll be Nero’s b* for ever… Or not.
PS: I don’t believe it, MSN space daring to censor my post. Dude, I got to find another blog.
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