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Not interactive enough

Luc told me last week-end that this MSN spaces blog isn’t interactive enough. Visitor can’t post messages, there is no forum, no ?golden? book. Only blog entries from the blogger, or photos, may be commented. That is not appropriate to … Continue reading

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Spy in the blizzard

This one deserves a serious attention:   If you were not yet paranoid, now you are.   Where did I put my softice again? I’ve got a hook to do on a certain process here. 😀

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Canon’s absence of customer service

So I got my defective Canon G6 back, unfixed.   I got also the actual report from "Ruediger Maerz Gmbh" which claims that the device cannot be repaired under the warranty due to an "opening of the left corner" (Gehaeuse … Continue reading

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My sister

My sister has now an entry on the website of a french association of illustrators at:   Her most recent work is already reflected there.

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Microsoft MVP Select Partner for October 05

I just received a message that I have being chosen MVP by Microsoft Select Partners.   I have to check if this information is confidential or public as part of a confidential newsletter. Ok, it’s public.

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Back to Germany

Back to Germany, I just landed in Frankfurt after a stop in Los Angeles then Cincinatti. I missed my plane at 6:00 AM in Seattle because the security failed to notice the ‘SSSS’ for extra check on my ticket, thus … Continue reading

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13 coins: Back with a vengeance

I did it, I finished my meal at 13 coins. :p   I don’t know if you ever being there, but if you’re real hungry (and not afraid of a ~$40 total bill), 13 coins is the place to go, … Continue reading

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