iRiver PMP-120 arrived early

The iRiver PMP-120 I ordered earlier arrived today, one day early from the expected arrival. The package was well protected against shocks, with no external damage either. The device took a long time to charge its battery, but works good. I have to write a review for the reseller when I get back to this online shop.


The video recompression converter software bundled with the iRiver, and which has no update on, sadly crashed during the very first conversion I attempted to do. Also it was refusing to convert files which I couldn’t play natively on the device, so turn to be of very little use. Likely I’ll discard it and use Nero Recode instead.


I had hick-up only on a single mpeg file which actually hick-ups as well on my much more powerful laptop.


The headphones bundled with the iRiver PMP-120 are pure crap, really. Get some other headphones immediately, or you will get the false impression that iRiver’s output is terrible. I happen to have my noise cancellation headphones with me, and there the sound from the iRiver is perfect.


The button to open the usb plug protective panel is far for convenient: it is tiny and very near from the panel, so that when you push it your finger also block the panel and acutally nothing opens.


The screen is bright and clear. It might have a small lack of nuance in the darks, however this would be better evaluated with reference files rather than my random videos of rather poor quality.


The interface to browse the content of the embedded hardisk is not optimal, but ok, it’s usable. What is really annoying is that there seems to be no button to skip to next track/video while playing. You have to go back to the playlist to select the next track…


The small protective bag provided is just big enough to contain the device, but you can’t fit the headphones, and definitively not the rather big power supply (big relative to the device, just reasonable in general).


I haven’t tested yet the playback to TV screen, unfortunately the plugs aren’t accessible on the TV set of my temporary appartment. I have not tested either transfer of photos from digital camera to the iRiver harddisk – as my camera is out of order.


Holly crap, I forgot to contact Disc Direct all this time. Gonna do this tomorrow early morning.

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