TV week-end

Well, yet another week-end killed doing nothing but watching TV and playing anarchy online.
The repeatition of the same shows and episodes on the US TV, added to the very intrusive advertissement breaks make me understand better that TiVo is such a great success in US, as well as the US habit of turning On the TV without really watching it. While I observe myself switching the channel at each advertissement break, or muting the sound and doing something else, I wonder if people actually ever watch the advertissements.
Oh, yes, I’m also amazed by Sophos’ techsupport and engineering incapacity to fix a crash happening on my laptop which our IT admin at Nero reported them. The crash occurs everytime their helper service stops, that is daily, or even more, at the service stops each time an update occurs. So it’s not a random crash, it is a well repeatible crash. Each time I’ve sent the report to the Microsoft windows error report and got the same buckets. Buckets because for some reason I do not fully understand the crash occurs twice in a row with two different crash positions. Although I did report the bucket numbers to Sophos, which permit then to retrieve crash dumps and detailed system configuration from Microsoft online crash analysis, they asked us to send them memory dump (… 20 Mb zipped) and multiple different system analysis outputs, most of them duplicates. For instance, they asked to save manually the system & application events whlie they support system analysis tool dumps it already. I have the feeling our contact don’t know what we are speaking about when we name buckets and windows error reporting. Well, when I see the recruitement criteria for technical support in our own company, I can’t be really surprized.
The wireless connection from WayPort here is also quite poor. The wifi signal itself is ok, but the gateway and DHCP keep going doing for now apparent reason. And when they don’t, they expire your login, particularly annoying when you are on the middle of something.
Something went wrong in the wash machine and my clothes are full of little fluffs. How to fix that?
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