Short trip to Seattle

This morning I took a flight from Burbank to Seattle to attend some file system specification meetings. I will already leave on Wednesday very early morning. It was quite difficult to get an hotel book – almost all hotels in Bellevue and Redmond are fully booked(!). So tonight I am in Marriott Fairfield in Bellevue, but tomorrow I have to move to Red Lion hotel next to SeaTac airport.
Enterprise Rent-a-Car was also assaulted this morning, not less than 4 Shuttles arrived at the same time at the pick-up area. I have a surprizingly ok Chevy ‘Aneo’. Some of the design is a bit weird – like the need to press down the handle to be able to go from neutral to rear position. I couldn’t get the trunk to open (… yes).
The weather is mixed between sun and rain, a bit like Los Angeles yesterday (which is very usual for Seattle but quite unusual for LA).
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