Back to Germany

Back to Germany, I just landed in Frankfurt after a stop in Los Angeles then Cincinatti.

I missed my plane at 6:00 AM in Seattle because the security failed to notice the ‘SSSS’ for extra check on my ticket, thus didn’t stamp it. Actually, the Alaska ticket was cut incorrectly, so that the printing was shifted and partially covered by a black separation bar. I was rejected at the gate by the Alaska employee and once back from the main terminal with the stamp (the departue gate was in the north terminal) I could only watch the plane slowly leaving the gate… I was quite upset that the Alaska employee although perfectly aware of my situation didn’t made the plane wait a single minute. Luckily the next plane, at 6:40 AM, was still early enough to enable me to catch my connection on Delta 862 in Los Angeles.

The landing in Cincinatti was somewhat entertaining: the pilot failed to slow quickly enough, although he did touch the ground early on the track, and had to burn-out its tires on the last meters. He apologized then to each passager at the exit of the plane. Nobody was hurt during the incident, except the plane tires.

Germany is under a thick fog and way cooler than Seattle. Yuk! I got to take my jacket out of my luggage immediately.


I meet Ivan from the codec team in the train back from the airport. He spoke of his wish of more participation to the codec specification committees.

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