Return to Germany

Today I have a flight from Austin to Frankfurt with a stop in Cincinatti. The flight depart near 3 PM, so I could go to the T10 plenary meeting this morning and get a feeling how things are going there. Lot of procedural votes, all approved as far as I could see. Some items, such as making an ISO standard out of the much obsolete MMC-2, do not seem to always make sense.
Delta failed to find the prepaid rebooking of my flight and forced me to pay it again, although I did have the travel agency of Nero confirming it’s prepaied and giving suggestion for the Delta agent how to find the prepayement. 177,20 USD, which is quite high for a rebooking fee.
I was choosen for random extensive check, the famous SSSS on the boarding pass (but this time properly printed 😉 ). The person checking my laptop bag made notice how well was the protection brought by this bag – a dicota – and I heard this many times already at airport check (and indeed the bag is a very good protection, which is good considering the weakness of the fujitsu-siemens laptop construct). Only the shoulder softener on the main strap broke so far from the bag.
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