Moving some more stuff

On Friday evening I moved my washing machine from my appartment in Germany back to my appartment in Strasbourg (actually own by my father and I need to pay hime something for the last 6 months I keep on forgetting…) with the kind help of Corentin. It was easier than I expected as the machine wasn’t as heavy as I remember, although the wheels were pretty inefficient which compensates to an average difficulty. I plugged the machine yesterday (with some small difficulty with the water connector) and didn’t use it here yet but there’s no reason it shouldn’t work.
I had some cleaning of the place in Strasbourg too, and of the piece of furniture and tiny oven formely at the position of the returned washing machine. I discovered the efficiency of some fat-killing products I’ll take my me to Germany for early next week.
Yet I have to clean the former place of the washing machine in Germany at my return this evening. I expect to meet Corentin at 11:00 PM and drive back.
Today I learned more about using TWiki. I used it already some time ago to access and slightly update some documentation at work but didn’t created new documents yet. After failing to understand the online documentation I found, I called Jacques who quickly pointed me to the right steps (actually the same as the online documentation, but with some extra explaination why these awkward steps are needed). Jacques invited me to have dinner later today – I have however to call my familly in Linthal before that. Let’s hope we will not have too much trouble to find a place to go.
Yesterday I re-discovered some net training field in the prophet song (, a cheap MMORPG. I also completed ‘Lionheart’ ( and was very disappointed by the cutting scenes – I was already quite disappointed by the game passed the interesting part at the very beginning. For a game constructed around the Fallout ( system, this is a major failure to a slash-bash-kill-butdontforgettolookatthenicegraphics.
Tomorrow, last day at Nero. I expect to work on uploading to a local TWiki the remaining of documentation about relationship we have on a current project, then invite officially people to celebrate my departure with a couple of wine bottles from Alsace. I doubt I will have sufficient wine for everybody, so it will be a ‘first served’ rule. I expect to have a more private celebration dinner too before going back to my appartment for a final clean-up. Oh, I have to not forget to make visit my appartment to two different candidate to take it after me at 5 PM. One colleague he heard of the new from Stefan and one neighbourgh family contacted by my landlord.
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