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Short incursion in Switzerland

Today my sister, parents and myself went to Switzerland to visit my sister’s former atistic director (reminder: my sister is drawer for children books – ). We went also to the nearby Rapperswill village to see its castle – quite … Continue reading

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Massage bar

My brother Benoït and his girl friend Ayana have offered me a chocolate-honey perfurmed massage bar with the following handwritten note: "This […] tested Massage Bar is only to be used after she ripped off the shirt… […]" (nb: I am still … Continue reading

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On 22nd my sister, parents and I went to Freiburg for some Christmass purchases, including a chess game. Nice steel chess pieces and a wood plate. Merry chirstmass!

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Got it

I received the J-1 through postal mail yesterday. There’s a mistake on the DS-2019 form but the Visa is good.

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US Embassy for J-1 Visa

I had my appointment at the US Embassy for the J-1 Visa this Wednesday morning. I just returned from Paris a few minutes ago.   I was only able to submit the documents after over 3 hours waiting and have now to wait "2 … Continue reading

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More bad drivers

I must be cursed lately.   Now it’s VIA’s network driver (fetnd5bv.sys also known as Rhine II Fast Ethernet Adapter) which is crashing my system. Tonight I posted:

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Crashing Realtek AC’97 ALCXWDM.SYS

Today I finally fixed a computer crash which was polluting my days for about 3 weeks now.   Earlier this month I bought a DVD burner to replace a defective old CD burner. The same day I rearranged my appartment … Continue reading

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