Moving busy-ness

I received a bunch of documentation from all sides for my move: visa embassy form & appointment, immigration people (phone) appointment, rellocation agent documents, moving company documents and yet appointment to set up. I did expected some work and some paperwork to. But this… I’ve enough to keep me busy for a while.
I also have a problem with all electric and electronic appliances: none will be compatible with the power voltage in US, and although I asked now 3 times what could be done I don’t have an answer yet. Maybe I will be forced to sell everything here and buy it new in the US, at my expense?
I will have a 40 foot container available for my rellocation, but I doubt I will use much of it. Still, a table, two-three cupboards, 4 chairs, 1 bed… But nevertheless this huge thing will look pretty empty at the end.
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