Massage bar

My brother Benoït and his girl friend Ayana have offered me a chocolate-honey perfurmed massage bar with the following handwritten note: "This […] tested Massage Bar is only to be used after she ripped off the shirt… […]" (nb: I am still single currently).
Lush’s magazin says about the bar:
"The honeymooner
This massage bar is not for people who have to wash their hands as soon as they get sticky: it’s for people who love a bit of messiness in their lives. The heart-shaped, shea butter and cocoa butter bar is filled with a gooey biend of honey and cocoa powder which melts all over your body. If at this point you are wondering ‘why bother’? please ignore this, you’ll hate it. If you are thinking ‘Mmmm, chocolate and honey all over!’ then this is for you. Don’t use it on best Egyptian cotton sheets without slinging a beach towel or similar over them first. It’s good for your skin, it’s excellent fun, but by golly it’s wickly sticky.
"A work of art. This has a sweet creamy hooney scent which can be smelled for hours. Best enjoyed with someone you love – especially when you get to the erotic chocolate centre!" Amy Tweedate, Herts."
See for more about the massage bar and Lush products. (Now who’s Amy Tweedale?)
Okay ladies, who’s in for a massage???
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