New house hunting

The loft / townhouse from last post is sold now, already. But I learned yesterday from several mortgage agents that the ‘SIXTY-01’ condominium where is the loft is nice a wise place to invest due to four on-going law suits against it, plus rumored bad management of the condomunium leading to currently high homeowner monthly dues of $400.
So today afternoon we went on a new house hunting. I’ll censor the picture of the first (and most interesting) place because people are still living inside. I’ve attached picture of the second appartment which is in the same complex. But this appartment is at the ground level and the family above as one or more children running right as we visited. Not good…
As we drove back to my work place, I took quickly picture of the sunny day and nice view to the far away mountains.
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2 Responses to New house hunting

  1. Luc says:

    Et tu aimes les maisons en allumettes ?

  2. David says:

    Ben oui, c\’est pour mieux se chauffer en hiver mon enfant !

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