Day have not enough hours!


Last days were totally crazy and I had no time to post any update here. So quickly:


– I joined a tiny poker tournament organized by colleagues from the storage department on Thursday evening. It was fun.

– On Friday it became more likely that I may have to jump on an airplane soon to backup our main product manager on one Microsoft’s proposal for which I am the amendment editor

– On Saturday I finally bought a car, a Honda Civic Hybrid (no option). I got a good deal on the price, below MSRP, but I still have to conclude on the financing between First Tech CU and Wells Fargo. Possibly Wells Fargo will beat First Tech CU’s interest rate, which is unusual between a bank and a credit union. I’ve got to complete the financing within 3 business days.

– On Saturday also I setup an offer with my real estate agent for one condominium in Bellevue. The offer expired today at 6 pm and I got no news from the agent, meaning that likely it was turned down. Maybe a counter offer will follow?

– Today I went on Tony’s place to watch the super bowl game. Unfortunately, the Sea Hawks of Seattle which made it for the first time there lost 10 to 21. Garrett was sick and couldn’t join. I hope he’ll get better and will be here tomorrow.


Got to go…

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