Rental search update

I went to look for more rental appartments today. What is nice is that my house hunt helped me a lot to realize what are the criteria I am really sensitive to, so I can give them up front when visiting a place and quickly eliminate those which do not fill my requirements. It is unfortunate however that the most efficient and frank agents where precisely those who did not have an offer matching my demand.
Tera’s appartment in Kirkland are definitely out of the race for their exagerated pricing.
Woodlake has an interesting back unit of 2 bedrooms one bath room for only $981, but unfortunately the appliances inside are terribly old and replacing them wouldn’t be in the residency policy. It’s a bit far away too.
Gates of Redmond had nothing to show yesterday. They asked me to recontact them today to check if they had one newly available, but didn’t answer the phone as I did call.
2 are currently still in the ‘race’:
1) Evergreen heights (Kirkland), with a 2 bed rooms, 2 bath rooms of 1024 sq feet, top floor, windows on both block sides, back unit for $1050 a month. 17 minutes commute (15 on MSN map, but by doing the driving myself it went up to 17, mostly because the nearest 405 ramp is under construction), but during rush hour this would rather be 30 minutes. The unit will be available for visit only next Wednesday. The sale representative was friendly but maybe a bit too excited when launched on a topic (women!!!). Official display at
2) Redmond trails (… Redmond), with a 3 bed rooms, 2 bath rooms of 1100 sq feet, top floor, in remodeling right now, windows on both block sides, back unit for $1335 a month. 0 minutes to commute: the appartment is at the border with the Microsoft main campus… I can take a campus’ bus or simply wall to work everyday. The unit remodeling will be completed on 7th of March. I could however visit a non-remodel unit with the same floor plan and see the real unit from outside. It was 3:30 pm in the afternoon and the unit had a raising partial shadow from the next building – on the other side no building at all. So sunny on the morning and most of the afternoon. I had a very bad contact with the sale representative, frankly annoyed by her, although I believe she didn’t even noticed (which just made her even more annoying). Official display at
Clearly the 3 bedrooms (which is kinda small for a 3 bedrooms) isn’t much bigger than the 2 bedrooms (which is large for a two bedrooms). The 2 bedrooms has a smarter shape, with a clear living room / dining room separation and the price is very competitive for this footage & quality. The 3 bedrooms has a huge advantage of location, but is kinda pricy, although not much above the Redmond market.
Should I pay $285 a month to save 50 minutes a day? (1 rush hour commute in the morning, 1 late commute in the evening). That I have to decide in the next 24 hours.
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3 Responses to Rental search update

  1. alex_t says:

    IMHO living that close to work sucks…

  2. David says:

    Depends… I will be able to walk to work. A bit like Corentin is doing at Nero. Although this place would be much nicer than Ittersbach industry!!!

  3. alex_t says:

    You are right, I guess I\’m too asocial – I like to keep my nest away from most co-workers ;-)And who the hell posted previous comment?

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