Driver license test passed succesfully

This morning I passed my driver license test with 92/100. I thought the lower limit to pass was 80, but eventually a co-worker told me it might be 90. I’ve lost points for nor parking near enough the curve and for touching the curve on the backward exit test. The test itself is quite different from France, for you are asked to drive only in urban low-traffic zone, with absolutely no highway or even national way. Until France, there is no requirement of driving lesson before passing the exam which according to my teacher justify the fact that the examinator do no want to take the risk to go on highway. This is an odd way of thinking. Why not testing people on the most dangerous part of driving (high speed way) before giving a permit which will precisely allow them to go there? Well, different mentality I suppose.
Over the last few days I was also overwhelmed with income e-mail and small work items. This is not too good as I have a important interface change to complete within a few weeks. I think however that I’ll manage it.
I am eager to move to my new place and not have to worry any longer about my appartment or sea and air shipments. I’m wondering however how will be the first days until I get the furniture I’m probably missing but not yet realized I miss them as not facing the problem in corporate housing.
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