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Idiots from Hollywood

Some nights like right now, I forget about the time while working from home with the TV turned on, and end up hearing Jay Leno’s show. Man, these hollywood guys manage make me hate them enough so I wonder why … Continue reading

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X-men III

Last Friday I went out for theater to see the last episode from the X-men trilogy with a friendly colleague from work, his wife and brother. Just before we went to the Chili’s next door (a popular mexican food restaurant … Continue reading

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French phobia

I just caught on TV an US advertissment playing on the hatred of some american towards French and France. You see a stereo-type French guy seducing someone at a diner date and suddenly in the middle of a conversation in … Continue reading

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From Cable DVR to HDTV to (Windows) PC to DVD

After much experimentation of various software, I was able to find how to connect my DVR to my HDTV using FireWire / 1394 (very easy, and both devices natively work together), but also my DVR to my PC using the … Continue reading

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Comcast’s DVR, DCT 3412 I

After moving into my new appartment in March I subscribed to comcast’s HDTV, Internet and VoIP package, with a DVR.   The box I got is a DCT 3412 I – googling this model name will get you technical details … Continue reading

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Small update

I shuffled the page around a little bit and also added a couple of songs from various metal/goth/… artists. Man, this playlist is evil.   Notice that most of the link added automatically by MSN to MSN music are bogus. … Continue reading

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Failed but worked. Or worked but failed?

Where’s the report a bug button?

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Betamax vs VHS everywhere

Yes, the battle between the two blue laser disc standards make lot of people, especially journalists and analists, refer to the Sony/JVC battle between Betamax and VHS in the 20th century. But this last week I also caught a reference … Continue reading

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Long time no see

It’s being a long time I didn’t login at msn spaces – or even read my e-mail at hotmail.   Yet I haven’t being inactive. Our optical storage team make significant progress on the project and on the team organization … Continue reading

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