Long time no see

It’s being a long time I didn’t login at msn spaces – or even read my e-mail at hotmail.
Yet I haven’t being inactive. Our optical storage team make significant progress on the project and on the team organization lately. Things are starting to get in shape. Also, we have reinforcements coming in soon. I was surprise to see Microsoft doubling developpers in the same office. That wasn’t matching my idea of developper heaven. Yet this is still far from the situation I saw at my former employer. First few clashes in the team too, nothing out of control although. Sadly, oversea recruits failed due to this year budget considerations.
I’ve being exploring several MMORPG under the push of an avid gamer colleague (yet not without delight ;-)): guild wars, DDO, PlanetSide. DDO is a failure, without getting into details. PlanetSide is ok, yet I am having a hard time with their gameplay. Guild wars is excellent, I have to watch myself to not spend whole nights in it. I have to organize an Anarchy Online night eventually, to show the game around to the colleague.
I made some online shopping at home depot several weeks ago. I was surprized as the pieces I ordered arrived one by one instead of a single shipment. I am rather annoyed that the wine coler I ordered and which was the main purpose of the shopping is still not here. Unfortunately I lost the tracking number as I want to save the web page containing the order summary (IE send a refresh, the data was gone, ouch).
I managed to get my home computer infected by trojan despite firewall, anti-virus, and user awareness. The trojan is "under control" thanks to 5 layers of anti-malware, yet none is able to eradicate it. No sensitive data on this computer anyway, so I’m trying to get in touch with some anti-malware dev to have him take a look at this unwanted self-invited companion.
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