Betamax vs VHS everywhere

Yes, the battle between the two blue laser disc standards make lot of people, especially journalists and analists, refer to the Sony/JVC battle between Betamax and VHS in the 20th century. But this last week I also caught a reference to this while discussing standardization of anti-theft method for personal storage (e.g.: USB flash key) and another one in a TV episode of Cowboy Bebop. While I wasn’t too surprized to hear this reference from a computer science specialist, I was more amazed to see it refered in a show from 1998.
More about Cowboy Bebop on the web:
The episode was "Speak Like a Child". The funiest part is when Spike and Jet try to read the betamax tape they got in the VHS player they painfully recover from a ruined city on earth.
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