Comcast’s DVR, DCT 3412 I

After moving into my new appartment in March I subscribed to comcast’s HDTV, Internet and VoIP package, with a DVR.
The box I got is a DCT 3412 I – googling this model name will get you technical details about it. I am however highly upset at this equipement. Beside serious technical limitations such as obsolete mpeg 2 video encoding, 120 Gb hard drive (which would be good for high efficiency codecs, but unappropriate for mpeg 2 encoding), various disabled physical connectors, especially the ethernet connector, the box is awfully buggy for me. Bugs such as lag time between the orders given through the remote and the execution of them, sometimes as terrible as not being capable of stopping the fast forward until it totally exhausted the recorded show, screw-up picture and sound on some recordings (the picture is corrupted with small color box like if the mpeg codec failed or the data was corrupted, the sound is intermitent), some recordings stopped after 3 minutes when the show ran 30 minutes, black screen at the end of a recording, lock on a no-sound no-picture pseudo "On-Demand" with an odd channel number with many digits like if an overflow occured internally, … Enough to drive me nut.
Despite this, the firmware and software on the box seems all up-to-date already according to information I found on the web. I also observed that a very similar box, the DCT 6412, worked just fine and responsive at a friend’s place. I attempted to contact comcast online support a couple of weeks ago but this was a terrible experience which only increased my level of disappointment.
I am wondering if it is possible to buy more reliable and capable HD DVR independent from the comcast srew-up.
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