Sarkozy’s imperalistic law

My family in France pointed me to for internet boardcast of french news after reading my blog post about US TV news.
As I watch it for the first time, I was surprised to learn about Sarkozy’s new idea: making official illegal immigrants which child is registered in school and speak only French. Under the disguise of a humanitary law, it’s deeply xenophobe and brutal: you’re asking people to give up on their origin, on their identity. That’s awfully wrong. Yes, proof of adaptation and integration are necessary. Erasing people’s past is something else, unrelated. I can easily imagine my own reaction if US asked me not to teach French to my child/children.
My English teacher explained me today that US is currently discussing a simular kind of issue. US is considering to revisit its immigration law so that immigrants need to speak English regardless of their family ties. This is a serious issue for immigrants who attempted to reunit their familly in US, and who’s parents are too old to learn a new language.
Yet I still found Sarkozy’s idea more perverse.
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