Mustard from Dijon and home improvement

Today I was surprised as I found some true mustard from Dijon at a local food store. US’ taste for mustard has disappointed me a lot, and I am glad to finally find some true mustard from France.
Also I finally went shopping by Home Depot to get the right screw anchors for the plastic wall in the bathroom. The shower bar is now properly maintained. I got hanger bolts of different sizes to try for my bed’s feet. One seems to fit, although oddly it gets stuck after a few rotations. I would expect it to either not get in at all (too big) or be too small. Maybe it is the right size but the rotation is different on the bed and this bolt so that the different cause the stuck after the few rotations.
I took picture of the mustard and the bathroom for fun. Unfortunately the vista beta 2 install I am running at home seems to have a problem with msn spaces and the picture upload link is grayed and not functionnal. I know I got to upgrade this install, yet I do not find our internal RC1 builds stable enough yet for using at home (that is they are less stable that the final beta 2 build, which is somewhat logical as the bug bar for fixes went back to minimum after beta 2 was out).
Tomorrow I take a flight to San Francisco. I will participate to the OSTA UDF plugfest with another engineer from the live file system team.
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