MS storage pocker tournament, car crash

Lucky day for me, bad day for my brother Samuel.
Samuel just wrecked the C5 sedan from Citroen he bought from me when I left France in January. The car is dead, yet my brother say he was unharmed.
I got quite lucky, also patient and methodical, winning this evening’s friendly pocket tournament between MS’ FTE from my storage department. (FTE is the Microspeech for Full Time Employee (aka "blue badges"), per opposition to contractors also working at Microsoft (aka "orange badges")). After been put in a difficult situation early in the game, loosing on a pocket of Kings vs a pocket aces, then forced to be the first to re-buy, I knocked out two players, including the bold Suzanne. Eventually I knocked the wise Jeff (and was quite surprized to not face a stronger game from him), then Chimonee (I’ve got to check the spelling of her first name) and duelled with Chris for the finale, starting with a huge chip advantage in this finale. Total, I knocked out 5 of my 6 opponents. Tonight shown a lot of strong hand, including a four aces.
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