New realator, apartment lease renewal

I finally gave notice to my previous real estate agent. I should have done that a long time ago but never made up my mind about it. My landlord threating to increase my monthly rent by $300 gave me sudden motivation… My new agent is a referral from a microsoft colleague, I was actually referred to him back in January. I was a little surprize by him stumling on words, but beside that he seems quite competent and quickly understanding what I am looking for.
So, I also have to renew my rental lease. I got a contract without the $300 increase per month, but ‘only’ $45. It is still above the 2% per year, but housing just next to the campus is a captive market. I need to put my hand on my house insurance before the 10th however, as the landlord is now requesting this (which I have already since March but now need to proove).
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