More manpower

I’ve discussed the project deadline with my handyman yesterday and we agreed that he will subcontract some of the work (in particular the lead-paint removal) to a second handyman so things can be complete before end of next week. I have to work with a mover company for next-next week-end now.
Roof clean-up was completed yesterday, including moss-killer treatment. I hope the heavy rain today will not ruin this work completely.
Tomorrow morning, first trash pick-up by the waste company. Lot of garden waste should go away.
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One Response to More manpower

  1. Sarah Emmanuelle says:

    Tu diriges les travaux comme si t\’avais fait cela toute ta vie ! Bravo et bon courage pour la dernière ligne droite.
    La prochaine fois que nous devrons entreprendre des travaux dans la maison, nous saurons à qui les confier…Comment ça, ça ne t\’intéresse pas ? Tu m\’étonnes !
    bisous français

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