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Snow in Seattle

Back to Seattle it was snowing last night, and today it is snowing again. Some people already didn’t make it to work today and more may not tomorrow. Not that the snow is terrible, but that the private driveways are … Continue reading

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One week in Taipei

I just returned of a one week trip to Taipei. I was able to spend time with Jolie. Oh, and also do some tourism. 😉   Taipei is an interesting city. I much prefered it to other capitals. Yes, it … Continue reading

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First complains from neighboors

Some unidentified neighboor complained about the demolished wall on the side of my property (the one I posted picture of). This morning some lady took pictures too while I was still inside. Paradoxaly, it is the townhall’s people who reported … Continue reading

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The danger of biking to work when it rains a lot

Check out this picture… Oups!   After that I decide to take my mountain shoes instead. Much more resistance to these adventures.

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Major work outside

As Wasir and Armondo pulled the rotten fence panels and cut the vegetation that invaded everything from thourhg the fence to over the curb, we find completly rotten very old wood barrier. Only about three out of twenthy-ish wood logs … Continue reading

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Great acoustic

Truely spending a first week end at my new house I realize how great is the acoustic with the all hard wood floor. I’ve never listen to Utopia-Dystopia from Velvet Acid Christ like this before. A mindblowing experience, from the … Continue reading

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Pine cones

With the winding and raining weather this week-end, it is fun to notice how the rain makes noize hitting the membering roof – not the usual sound of rainfall – and also the knock when pine cones drop from the … Continue reading

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Move-in completed

I moved in on Sunday. It went rather smoothly. Some rain, some hailstorm, some sun too. No obvious damage to the moved goods so far. Still plenty of boxes are to be unpacked. As the home is smaller, I will … Continue reading

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