First complains from neighboors

Some unidentified neighboor complained about the demolished wall on the side of my property (the one I posted picture of). This morning some lady took pictures too while I was still inside. Paradoxaly, it is the townhall’s people who reported the complains as Wasir recontacted them after they failed to give a prompt answer to the request for a permit to rebuild the very same wall. (The wall is higher than a certain height so that a construct permit is required). Wasir learned also that the rocks of a bridge foot in the vicinity were all washed away during the recent flood, so that the type of rocks that would be required for my wall rebuild were all precisely dumped at the said bridge. This will cause delay in the repair once we get a quote from all the different possible contractors.
I took pictures of the repair work on the garage external wall that Wasir and Armondo are doing, but I forgot my tiny usb cable so I can’t upload the pictures today. Yes, Wasir doesn’t have a break. 😉 I feel he is a bit frustrated by the time it takes to complete the overall house project. He wants to be done. I’ll have to be careful he does not get hasty in his work for that.
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