One week in Taipei

I just returned of a one week trip to Taipei. I was able to spend time with Jolie. Oh, and also do some tourism. 😉
Taipei is an interesting city. I much prefered it to other capitals. Yes, it isn’t as big as other. Yes, there may be less sophisticated tourist spots. But the transportation (through MRT, the local subway/train) is way faster, cleaner, closer that any other public transportation I’ve seen. Ok, maybe some Tokyo, although in Tokyo I get a headake just to find the path to a place, and even the locals have a hard time there to find their way.
I filled up my 512 Mb compact flash card with pictures, and got a 4 Gb one downtown for 3000 NTD (oups, forgot to get the tax reclaim form this day). I think I filed a good gigabyte out of this one. Some video also, but unfortunately Live Spaces does not allow sharing videos yet. It will take quite some time to discard the bad shots, try to fix some of the others, etc…
The weather was okay. Sure, it rained. But while in Seattle the rain is giving you a cold, in Taipei it’s a welcome refreshing for a foreigner. Because the temperature was around 25 C (77 F), quite good, even sweaty when you walk with a backpack.
I have attached a first few pictures. The remaining is slowly importing from my camera. I am wondering if I should get a specialized card reader for higher performance.
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