Pictures, my office, scientology

I pined a bunch of pictures from Taipei in my office. Ah, really short and silly post :p
Oh I forgot, I also took a shot from this former scientology church which now advertises for "guns & cash". Ah, the american dream!
Finally, some pictures of the apple tree in my yard. I have collected the apples that did not yet fall. The fallen one are eaten by a horde of hungry birds.
Nope that wasn’t final. I have also some unwanted guests in the garage that eat the apples I collected. I asked the handyman to look at closing all the gaps to stop the rodents from getting it. Possibly I will have to set traps too.
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One Response to Pictures, my office, scientology

  1. alex_t says:

    I guess guns are better then scientology ;-)Hell, everything\’s better then scientology!

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