Icy roads

It was snowing in Bellevue and Redmond on Wednesday. If we were in Germany, that would be just some limited snow. But for people here, it’s very disturbing. The cities have no equipment to remove the snow from the roads and apply some sand or salt to melt the remaining. Accordingly after the cars and the sun melted the snow during the day yesterday, the sub-zero (celcius) temperature of the night created a thick layer of ice on the roads around Microsoft’s main campus and also around my house. I expect to see very few people at work today. I actually recommended my own reports to work from home.
I am starting to have a hard time to believe the people from Seattle when they say this weather is so exceptional it does not make sense for the city to invest on equipement.
I have attached to this post pictures from the previous time it snowed during the night, and pictures of today. The third one is a mockery of the inability to remove the tree from the last storm. Yes, it’s been almost a month and we still have a tree in the middle of the parking. As a colleague said, it’s not that they don’t know how to remove them, it’s that they need time to morn the dead trees. 😉
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