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Picture upload is working again

For some reason the picture upload works again. Finally I can change the pictures that loads on the first page!

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Allergy/cold, poker

Dang, I started an allergic reaction to hay last week, and despite the medecin I am still sick. As I have fiber, I probably caugth a cold as well (while since Monday it is sunny).   Tonight we had another poker … Continue reading

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Some pictures, nothing special

Ah, there are complains that I didn’t upload any picture for a while. I’ve been retreating into my shell during the long long break up with my girlfriend, break up that just never finished.   Dang, Vista is blocking the … Continue reading

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BD-RE write performance review

Reacting to today, I wrote the following (from my private e-mail account). I do remember fighting for this verification pass to be mandatory in the hardware, or the defect management scheme couldn’t work, despite the hardware folks’ pressure to do … Continue reading

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