Allergy/cold, poker

Dang, I started an allergic reaction to hay last week, and despite the medecin I am still sick. As I have fiber, I probably caugth a cold as well (while since Monday it is sunny).
Tonight we had another poker tournament at the office after hours. Lots of rebuys in the first hour. I did pretty well at the beginning, but slowly lost my chip lead trying to push other players out without success. Close to the deadline for rebuys I pushed all in on a top pair after the flop. Unfortunately I got two caller, one who pulled out a lucky flush on the river, almost tripling and taking the chip lead for a long time. When we got down to three players, the cards just wouldn’t let anybody be killed. I however builded up a strong chip lead by tricking several time my opponents in calling me while I had actually strong cards. Eventually I beat Scott while calling his all-in with much lower hand, but not willing to let him double up for free. The next and final turn Viseth call all-in and I beat him too with a decent set of cards.
It was a long time I didn’t won a tournament. Both because we don’t play that often anymore, also because Michael was very strong (and lucky for me didn’t attend this time).
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