Interesting and fun article on Wikipedia

I recently created a stripped-down version of the wikipedia article on "OS-tan" and used it as print-out on my office door at Microsoft. The assessment of the different releases of Windows by the Japanese artists is particularly interesting. This replaced my earlier mock-up of minesweeper re-titled "IMAPI2FS.DLL" to represent how tricky and deceiving the code of the dll transfered to me was, as well as an internal thread debating a setup issue message where the message was mostly hex code and I requested a translation of the hex code to user friendly text but the code owner instead changed to add yet an additional hex code in the error message.
Some weeks ago I bougth the latest album from Velvet Acid Christ (Lust for blood). A good one, yet a bit disappointing. In particular the lack of introduction in the first track is frustrating me. The disc has an interesting use of CD-Text, not putting the usual track title but instead hidding a secret message from the artist. Unfortunately, CD-Text isn’t decrypted by Windows Media Player (or WMP as we call it in-house) neither fit the short Crystal Liquid display of my CD-Text enabled car player.
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