Roof to clean again

I spend time in the backyard this Sunday, collecting fallen pine tree branches from the recent winds and rains, but also going on the roof to start cleaning the moss away with the pressure washer. It’s been a year since the last time I cleaned it, shortly after moving in. I also digged some safe space between the house and one of the new flower beds – Ly was of the opinion that the safety distance between the dirt and the wall’s wood would recreate itself through the compacting of the dirt over time. however it’s been a month and the expected compacting did not occur. I’m also expecting final plans for a walkway on the west side from Ly during next week. Temperature is quite cold and my ears are all hot now that I am back in. I’ve got only a quarter of the roof done, it’s going to take me probably a month of week ends to get it all done. I’ve got Sharon on the phone too. Joe’s funeral will be in Wisconcin (however you spell this state name again) not this Monday but the Monday after that. Dave the team PM invited me and others for Tanksgiving on Thursday. Also on Tuesday and Wednesday I’ll take care of Truffles, Sharon’s cat, while she is away at her parent’s home out of state.
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