Remote fixing Epson aculaser C4000 issue

While printing you may get the following error with Epson printers – i.e. when printing from photoshop:
L’application ou la DLL c:\WINDOWS\System32\spool\DRIVERS\W32x86\3\EPCAC0KC.DLL n’est pas une image Windows valide. Vérifiez à l’aide de votre disquette d’installation.
Epson’s printer driver may also say:
Impression impossible. Une erreur fatale est survenue.
(French version of messages).
This occurs when the Epson printer driver installation is corrupted. To fix this issue, go to control panel, add/remove program, remove all Epson entries (one of them is tricky and you need to get in a secondary tab to select items to remove). Then download WHQL printer driver from (or for French), unzip the archive, go to the setup subfolder of the unpacked archive and run the installer. Network TCP printer requires that you additionally manually enter the port in the printer properties and port tab.
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