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British airways and procedures

I got fun with the aircraft in London – the fuel gauge was at zero after taxing to take off position. The pilot was certain he had gaz and wanted to take off, but procedure required him to wait for … Continue reading

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Driver yes, but who needs firmware update?

So you get the driver inbox and you avoid the floppy to install Windows Vista… But when you get to updating the firmware of the 2410SA, do you think you can escape? No, the storage manager from Adaptec isn’t compatible, … Continue reading

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Windows Please wait, I am configuring updates… again

Here we go, I’m installing Vista on my sister’s system. The reason is actually a positive one: unlike XP, Vista does have inbox driver for Adaptec’s SATA RAID driver and does not required a pesky F6 + floppy. Floppy been … Continue reading

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I got a Zune (or actually several zunes) and explored it functionalities a bit. The first contact with the zune pc software was rough: the install just fails with some cryptic message. Good point for them although that the observant … Continue reading

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Marketing dudes unleashed

I just arrived at JFK and couldn’t help but think bad of our Media division marketing dudes who apparently unleashed themselves for the xbox 360 there: the entire tunnel between terminal 8 gates 1-12 and 13-above is completely redecorated for … Continue reading

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Office 2007 installer error 2908

Another fix your computer post… My sister’s system blew again after a power surge despite the APC backup battery. Jacques helped fix boot issues, but Office was corrupted too. Repair option of Office in add/remove programs didn’t help. After de-installing … Continue reading

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Cow pasture field

Today as I was discussing with Patrick from across the street, an elderly walker stopped by to chat. He is a soldier veteran from the neighborhood and taught us that this place was a cow pasture field before houses were … Continue reading

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