Windows Please wait, I am configuring updates… again

Here we go, I’m installing Vista on my sister’s system. The reason is actually a positive one: unlike XP, Vista does have inbox driver for Adaptec’s SATA RAID driver and does not required a pesky F6 + floppy. Floppy been so enjoyable when the PC doesn’t have any floppy disk device.
However what I did not realize at work running Vista over a year is the number of updates requiring a reboot we put out there since RTM. I’ve install Vista x64 late yesterday afternoon and this morning it’s still rebooting for this or that update, asking you to wait, telling you it’s configuring an update, rebooting before you even log in, and when you finally log-in it downloads more updates. GOD DAMIT! Release SP1 so we can cut the reboots to one – or even zero if you split stream SP1 over an RTM install DVD.
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